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G3 Creative on brochure design

When G3 Creative undertake a brochure or leaflet design project, the first thing we reach for is not the computer, a camera or a telephone. The first thing we reach for is our thinking cap.

Good graphic design achieves a delicate balance...

The lateral thought that sparks great ideas must be weighed against a rigorous logic to ensure that each project achieves its specific objectives. The energy and passion of youthful imagination must be tempered with the wisdom and experience of older heads.

The artistic impulse to the perfect brochure design or flyer must be moulded to serve the appropriate business purpose.

At G3 Creative we have assembled a team that balances all these elements. Bright young designers work under experienced creative direction. And all that talent is channeled towards achieving the optimum marketing effect for your business.

Whether it’s a tri-fold 6 page 3rd A4, A4 flyer (as shown), a logo design, branding or a full colour brochure design, our objective is clear - creating sales for your business at affordable prices and help you do business, better.

To find out more about graphic design and our services visit us online at or call 01389 875 889.

G3 Creative Solutions, graphic design, Glasgow, Scotland offering the world professional, effective brochure design at affordable prices!

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Great logo design for business start-ups

Professional logo design for start-up businesses

Scotland’s fastest growing creative graphic design studio are highly experienced in the graphic design of printed promotional materials and logo design, we design iconic, appealing and recognisable logo’s. We can also produce unique, cutting edge graphic design solutions for both an international and UK based client list.

If you wish to increase sales G3 Creative can help make your marketing message visually stimulating.

G3 Creative offer special design packages for new start-up companies.

So what makes a logo good...

Here are some of the basic elements G3 Creative use to create a successful logo:

Good logos are simple. They incorporate just one typeface (two MAX) and/or mark. This simplicity makes a quick statement about your company without unnecessary fluff.

Logos should be able to scale down small enough to fit on a business card as well as large enough to fit on a billboard. Be sure your graphic designer gives you vector images of your logo so it will scale without becoming illegible.

A logo should look good in both black and white and color. Logos are often used in black and white advertising where color is not available. When color is used, it should look good in both spot color and four color.

Logos should use fonts and colors that appeal to their demographics. A woman’s spa should not use huge clunky lettering and a men’s basketball team wouldn’t use a soft, scripty font. Your audience can often influence your color choices; generally, men prefer blue while women prefer red.

The best way to stand out from your competition is to be different. Don’t emulate a competitor’s logo. Not only can it be illegal, you’ll stand a greater chance of getting noticed if you’re different. While there are many common aspects of logos, there are plenty of ways to make them distinguishable through graphic elements, colors and fonts.

The best way to be memorable is to make your logo speak truthfully about your company. It should evoke a feeling or provide insight into what your company does. By doing this it will become recognizable over time. Think Target Stores and Nike and you instinctively see a red bullseye and a swoosh. See? That’s what it’s all about.

Visit, and find out how good graphic design can help your business.

G3 Creative, advertising and graphic design agency in Glasgow, Scotland.

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Marketing your business in the UK


"It's not just what you say that stirs people. It's the way that you say it." 

Bill Bernbach

When advertising guru, Bill Bernbach wrote these words half a century ago, advertising, it seems, was a straightforward business. The truth is, it still is.

Advertising is simply how you inform your market about your product, and persuade people to buy yours instead of your competitors'. But, as with so many things, just because it's simple doesn't mean it's easy to do well.

Good advertising has to be fresh, original and imaginative if it is to stand out in a crowded market place and attract attention. It has to convey the essence of the product and display it in a language - both
written and visual - that the market understands and finds appealing.
But most importantly of all, it must say something that is worth hearing.

G3 Creative Solutions has a vast experience of creating and producing innovative, eye-catching and effective advertising, from small one-off ads within Scotland to nationwide campaigns. Our advertising team have a wide experience across all media, including press and print, outdoor advertising, TV and radio.

Although we have particular expertise in the UK for tourism, we have worked for clients in a variety of sectors, such as property, food producers, charities, fashion accessories manufacturers, local enterprise companies and many more.

Do you have a brand or new initiative that requires a new direction and energy?

We can hit the ground running and we'll help you grow your business. If you are looking for an aggressive, forward-thinking advertising agency and graphic design company to drive your business forward, then you should choose G3 Creative Solutions. We develop a strategic partnership
with all our clients to create solutions you might not expect from a small Scottish advertising agency and graphic design company based in Glasgow.

If you'd like to see our portfolio, find out more about us, or just discuss how
G3 Creative Solutions can help you address your design and advertising needs, visit: or email us at: or call 01389 875 889.

A great FREE web tool for new businesses.

One of the best FREE web tools around.

If you need to monitor who's coming and going on your new site. Register at to get a free code that you can place on your web pages. This code then generates stats that can be accessed by logging into the statscounter site. You can then view how many unique visitors and page views you've had. It doesn't end there, the service tells you a wide range of details about the visitor and where they have come from. It's a great way to monitor and track your sites marketing and promotion. We even use it on

To find more FREE web tools or just find out more about website marketing visit the G3 Creative website.

G3 Creative is a fast growing UK graphic design company based in Glasgow, Scotland.

G3 Creative re-designs organics range for Sierra Rica

Scottish based G3 Creative has re-designed the entire Sierra Rica Organics food range for the world market place. The first examples can be found in organic stores and organic food suppliers world-wide.

The Spanish company, Sierra Rica Organics briefed G3 Creative to refresh the core packaging and branding principles, to simplify the customer purchase decision. The strategy has been implemented across the full organic range, as well as the famous Sierra Rica soups.

Building on brand loyalty and trust, G3 Creative re-evaluated the look and feel of the range. Whilst retaining Sierra Ricas key values and personality.

Sierra Rica's organic foods celebrate the best Spanish ingredients: fruits and vegetables nourished by the hot Iberian sun for deep, satisfying flavours. They make you feel good. Sierra Rica makes delicious organic foods in the small hill town of Aracena, located in the heart of the Natural Park, “Sierra de Aracena y Picos de Aroche”, in Andalucia, southern Spain. Alastair Brown quit his job in London to start the business in 2000 with a small team sharing a love of good food and a belief in the principles of organic agriculture.

The founding members include Andrés Barriento (Production), Janet Murray (Sales and Marketing), Inmaculada Rodríguez (Administration), Carlos Tobalina (Production and Technical) – now supported by a team of great food professionals. The original catalyst for creating Sierra Rica was the fine crop of local Chestnuts - still important to the area economically but with gradually declining autumn harvests. Why in decline? Financial returns to the growers have fallen in real terms over the last 20 years, meaning less incentive for the growers to invest the time and money needed to keep the trees in peak condition. And with less husbandry there have been lower harvests – so perpetuating a vicious circle.

By introducing more people to the pleasures of chestnut cuisine, we aim to achieve a virtuous circle: more demand for chestnuts, better prices for the growers and sustained maintenance of the chestnut landscape. Since starting in 2000 with its acclaimed range of organic chestnuts, Sierra Rica has been adding carefully to its foods: 2001: organic Soups, including GAZPACHO – the classic Andalucian refreshing tomato drink. 2003: organic vegetable spreads. 2005: organic Membrillo, the delicious quince paste that goes so well with cheese and cold meats. 2006: The TAPAS range, initially with 5 different vegetable spreads for making your own bite-sized morsels to enjoy with a drink. The IBERÍCO range, initially with the best Single Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Andalucia and a wonderful flavoured organically approved Atlantic Sea Salt. This range will be extended in 2007 to include superb organic table olives.

For more information on Sierra Rica visit:

For more information on G3 Creative visit:

Computer Arts magazine feature G3 Creative, Scotland

Computer Arts Projects 

Computer Arts Projects is 100 issues old and, to celebrate, we’re looking at the best graphic design has to offer.

We like to think every issue of Computer Arts Projects we produce is special, but, this month, we have more reason than usual to get excited because we’re celebrating our 100th issue.

Obviously we couldn’t let an opportunity like this pass us by, so we’re using our 100th birthday as a chance to take stock and go back to basics with an in-depth look at our favourite thing – brilliant, inspiring and iconic pieces of graphic design. With the help of our contributing writers and experts, we’ve assembled 100 of the greatest moments in graphic design history across five essential areas of design – print, broadcast, packaging, advertising and information – and looked at why they work, how they were put together and why they have inspired us.

Because design is also all about learning new skills, we’ve asked some of the best designers currently working across different fields to share some of their working practices, tips and secrets with you so you can apply some of these ideas to your own work. And, just in case you think we’ve missed out a particular piece of design, our competition gives you a chance to have your own say. Hope you enjoy it!

Dom Hall, Editor


magazines, books, albums
From record sleeves to book covers to magazines to the humble travel brochure, design for print covers some high visibility areas. Lawrence Zeegen finds out why

The Face magazine
Music, style and fashion coupled with ground-breaking layouts and typography - it’s no surprise The Face was one of the design world’s best loved magazines

Print design tips
Insider secrets from some of the biggest names in the creative industry

products, containers, brands
While it may lack the glamour and cool of print, some of the best loved and most iconic pieces of design have been working their magic on supermarket shelves for years

iPod packaging
The box housing Apple’s ubiquitous music player was almost as iconic as the device itself. Sean Ashcroft goes behind the scenes

Packaging tips
Getting packaging right isn’t easy. G3 Creative Solutions, Glasgow knows every trick in the book.

idents, titles, credits
Design for television idents, film titles and movie credits may be a relatively young discipline, but it reaches a massive audience. Mark Penfold tunes in

Channel 4 identity
Twenty-five years after its birth, the Channel 4 logo is still going strong. We talk to the designers who created and developed it

Broadcast tips
The Ronin’s Rob Chiu advises on how to get broadcast design right

logos, posters, campaigns
Graphic design’s most overtly commercial arm requires a perfect balance of image and message. Graeme Aymer investigates

Labels: creative Arts magazine Special Edition - Packaging

Computer Arts Projects
Special 100 Edition

100 Graphic design icons worldwide

Improve your visibility and expand your success

Since 2004, G3 Creative Solutions has built a reputation for quality, successful brochure design & brand identity. At G3 Creative we design for individuals, the public sector, large companies and small business start-ups. Businesses come to us from throughout the UK and beyond, to design their logo, brochure, and exhibition display. Projects can be as simple as a small online advert to wanting everything, branding, stationery set, brochure design, flyer or 6 sheet poster campaign, packaging design and full blown exhibition display design.

A well designed brochure is an advertising tool, used by companies to market their products and services throughout the year. A good brochure should have a good balance of useful information and images, typically printed in full colour to attract the readers eye.

G3 Creative Solutions offer a unique and powerful brochure, leaflet, and flyer design service. A well designed brochure and leaflet are both excellent ways to communicate with your customers, giving them something physical that they can hold that not only informs, engages, but ultimately sells products or services and increases business. leaflet by G3 Creative, Scotland can help your business increase brand awareness, reach target audiences, and deliver a focused – professionally presented message.
Brochures and leaflets can be designed in many shapes and sizes and not only the typical A4 for brochures and 3rd A4 for leaflets.

We can organize photography, copy-writing and translations for your brochure / leaflet - We offer a comprehensive brochure design service depending on your particular needs and budget. Most brochure designs can be completed within a couple of weeks. If you require a faster turn-around, chances are that G3 Creative can accommodate your deadline. Brochure design printing is available at very competitive prices and with the professional oversight needed with any printed project.

Design for Print

A designer who specializes in design for print will deal with a whole different set issues than a web designer. So it is important to choose the appropriate designer for your printing project. First impressions do count. If the brochure is not printed correctly and designed badly, it will put your business in the wrong place.

It’s time to improve your visibility and expand your success … Choose G3 Creative for eye-catching and effective graphic design including logos design, advertising, brochure design, annual reports and marketing materials.

Contact G3 Creative for graphic designs that inspires!

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